Jr. Dukes Find Wins to Finish Season

Thanks for a Great Season!

The Jr. Dukes 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams traveled to Hartford for their last games of the season on Saturday, but only the 7th graders returned victorious. In other play, the 5th graders faced off against Brookfield East and added a “W” to their season record.

That wraps up the 2016 season parents! It was a tough season, but the coaching staff was nevertheless pleased with the development of our players and their commitment to learning the fundamentals and never giving up even when the scoreboard suggested otherwise. That makes each of them winners in our book!

Final Scores Season Record (W-L)
Jr. Dukes 5th Grade Team 0- 12 (W) 2 – 6
Jr. Dukes 6th Grade Team 26 – 0 (L) 1 – 7
Jr. Dukes 7th Grade Team 20 – 28 (W) 5 – 3
Jr. Dukes 8th Grade Team 6 – 14 (L) 4 – 4

Get a Custom Photo of Your Jr. Duke!

Our thanks to Tom Spector of Spector Sports Photography for photographing several of our games this season, and making our Jr. Dukes look like “Big Leaguers!”

If you’d like a custom photo of your Jr. Duke on the gridiron, just drop Tom an e-mail or call him at (303) 859-2067.

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