Whitefish Bay Blue Dukes Football

Blue Duke of the Game: The D

Duke Defense


While you could certainly make a good case for the offense of Alex Anthony, Michael Kirkendoll, and Cade Garcia, this week’s Duke of Game goes to the resurgent Blue Dukes Defense.

For a team that played 5 “replacements” (They may not be replacements any longer!), and a team that gave up 50 points last week, the Dukes Defense found the grit that Coach Jake Wolter has been looking for, shutting down the Slinger offense and holding them scoreless over the last 40 minutes of the game. Led by Senior LB Andy Oates, the defense was the stand out performance of this week.

We look forward to keeping the scoreless streak alive next week at home against Cedarburg!  Hope to see you in the stands!