Whitefish Bay Blue Dukes Football

Dukes of the Game: The Offense and Defense

Dukes of the Game

Dukes Take the Field

Sometimes it’s too hard hard to pick just one, or even a few players, for outstanding performances. More often than not, that means the whole team is doing their job, so this week both the offense and defense are Dukes of the Game against Greenfield.

The Offense Line

Whether it was pass protection or run blocking, the entire offensive line, including Carson Kimple, Noah Alling, Devin Dodulik, Mark Moraski, George Beatty, Brady Weas, Jacob Ross, Devlin Bliffert, Thomas Deakin, Chris Caspari and Jacob Hawig, made all the difference against the Hustlin’ Hawks.

The Defense

The defense didn’t miss a beat when Greenfield had possession. Notable highlights were David Thompson’s pass coverage and interception, as well as Case Fleck’s 4th fumble recovery to match his 4 interceptions on the season. Add into the mix Zach Lichosik’s 75 yard punt; Michael Kirkendoll’s open field tackles; Thomas Deakin’s sack; Tommy Brunner’s hard-hitting play and Andy Oates’ blitzes and you get a Blue Dukes defense that was nothing short of awesome.