Whitefish Bay High School Football History

High school football has a rich history in Whitefish Bay.  Only three years after the school’s opening in 1932, work began on building a proper athletic field for its student athletes. The goal, according to the Milwaukee Journal, was to:

“…transform the Whitefish Bay High school athletic field from a dusty, barren patch of hard ground into a real sports layout — complete with a running track, tennis courts, and a well turfed gridiron.”

As the photo below attests, that epic transformation had a “well turfed gridiron” at its core, and set the stage for further transformations to Bay’s athletic fields in the years to come, including the state-of-the-art Lubar Stadium, which was made possible by a generous gift from 1947 alumnus Sheldon B. Lubar.

Whitefish Bay Field: 1935/2016

Team Photo Galleries

Hundreds of young men would take that field over the decades, and, no matter their talents or accomplishments, each walked away with unique, unforgettable memories to last a lifetime. Many of the alumni pictured below would go on to play college football, and a select few even went on to play in the NFL.

We are especially grateful to the Whitefish Bay Library’s Reference Librarian Scott Lenski for his help in locating past high school yearbooks for photos of each year’s team.