Whitefish Bay Junior Dukes Football: Philosophy

The 5th – 6th and 7th – 8th Jr. Dukes are considered separate groups and have slightly varying philosophies.Junior Dukes Coaching

5th – 6th Grade

The 5th and 6th grades will be of a modest competitive nature, traveling to other local cities to play in games that will have paid referees and abide by regular football rules. Participants come into the program with different levels of experience.

Regardless of this, the emphasis will be on learning the basics needed for the game of football. The focus is for the participants to develop their skills through practices and game experiences.

While minutes may not be exact, every effort will be made to play each member of the team equally with the goal of developing skills in an athletic environment.

7th – 8th Grade

Junior Dukes PrideIn the 7th and 8th grades, while there is still a strong emphasis on skills and good sportsmanship, playing time and positions are determined on ability level and weight restrictions as put forth by the league.

The goal of each game is to field the most competitive team possible which may not equate into equal playing time for all team members but every effort will be given to afford all participants an opportunity to play a minimum equivalent of one quarter per game. Every effort will be made to exceed this minimum requirement.

This program prepares the participants for high school football and the realities of competitive athletics. The importance at this level is for the participants to develop their God-given talents through practices and game experiences. It will also incorporate the very best of Whitefish Bay High School’s Football Program’s philosophies, policies, and procedures and make them age-appropriate for the various grade levels. One such tenet is that the coaching staff will not prejudge any player from the prior year. The program realizes that abilities and skills among participants develop at different rates and times.

Jr. Dukes Goals

  1. Provide practice and playing opportunities to both new and returning players in a constructive and safe environment.
  2. Develop the players mental and physical abilities through organized practices and consistent coaching techniques.
  3. Serve as many players as possible
  4. Create a team environment that is positive, honest and educational.
  5. Develop tomorrow’s leaders

Jr. Dukes Values

  1. Player Centric (Not Parent) Team
  2. Hard Work
  3. Team Commitment
  4. Fairness and Rules
  5. Consistent and Positive Coaching Techniques
  6. Football Program Continuity