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Dukes Best Milwaukee Lutheran 43-36

Bay vs Milwaukee Lutheran

QB Cade Garcia pushes through for a TD against Milwaukee Lutheran in the first round of the WIAA playoffs. Photo Credit: Cathy Lichosik | Full Photo Gallery

The Whitefish Bay Blue Dukes kicked off the first round of the WIAA playoffs with a 43-36 win over Milwaukee Lutheran Friday night at Lubar Stadium.

Coming off of a heartbreaking loss to Hart Union to week before, the Dukes made the hearts of fans skip a beat with 14 unanswered points that extended into the early second quarter. Undaunted, QB Cade Garcia, who threw for 225 yards on 14 of 20 attempts, found WR Alex Anthony for a 28 yard touchdown to get the Dukes on the board. (Anthony would go on to catch 9 receptions for 181 yards total receiving on the night.)

Only four minutes later, Garcia pushed through the Red Knights defensive line for a 3 yard touchdown to even the score 14-14. He then lofted a 7 yard pass to RB/LB Patrick Nau to give Bay a 28-14 lead at the half.

Bay fought hard to maintain their lead in the second half, utilizing repeated ground assaults against Milwaukee Lutheran’s stubborn defense. Patrick Nau added a 17-yard TD to his 98 yards for the game in the third quarter, and WR/DB Case Fleck ran in a TD midway through the fourth quarter. Garcia’s two point conversion run made it 43-22, and would be the Dukes’ last appearance in the end zone.

Red Knight’s QB Josiah Hedrington kept up the pressure for the rest of the 4th quarter, connecting for two TDs that narrowed the Dukes lead to a single touchdown.

Next Up: The Dukes return to Lubar Stadium to face Plymouth (5-2) for the second round of the WIAA playoffs on Oct. 27, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

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